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Scrambled Egg With Burong Mustasa


The first time I caught a glimpse of  burong mustasa (pickled mustard greens)was during a trip to Gapan, Nueva Ecija many years back. My folks just loved driving away weekends visiting towns that sold scrumptious, exclusively native and inexpensive chow goodies. We would get these burong mustasa  sold in the markets for us to bring home to Manila. This fare is quite famous in the northern part of Luzon, spanning Bulacan to Tarlac. Ahh, super sarap!

Apart from the great taste, it is nutritional in that these mustard greens are proven to be loaded with health benefits saving us from certain diseases like respiratory disorders, gout, etc.

My Tita who shuttles from Pamapanga to Manila at least twice a week just sent me two big packs of these pickled mustards.

Pickled mustard or locally known as burong mustasa, is made by immersing these mustard leaves in rice water and coarse salt for a couple of days.

Anyway, I did not have the patience to wait it out for days. Thanks to tita for just handing me over these packs.

So what did I do? I just chopped about 3 buro leaves and mixed it with two slightly beaten eggs and added about 2 pinches of coarse salt. My mom does it by sauteing garlic and onion first before throwing in chopped burong mustasa and mixing in the egg before it hits the pan for scarambling. Definitely, a good option, too.

However, I like the mustard greens a bit raw and exclusive to egg only– yeah, date silang dalawa lang!

Cooked it on low heat stirring the egg mixture continously. Ahh, it went well with my tapa for breakfast. Happiness!


Dampa Forever!


My sister turned a year wiser very recently and decided to mark her natal day by grabbing some great eats made up of baked oysters, crabs, shrimps, etc.

Dampa was to be her ‘party place’. Fantastic!

Dampa destinations have flourished around the metro in the last few years that it made sensation. If my memory serves me right, these dampa places have been around as early as in the 80’s and Roxas boulevard (then Dewey boulevard) has been the original hub since it all began and grew big time.

The concept of dampa or sometimes referred to as a paluto eatery, is that you go to a particular resto (in our case, we went to ChaCha at Julia Vargas Avenue), and will have the option to either personally scour for fresh eats (meat, vegetables or seafoods) at a nearby palengke or ask the restaurant runners to do it for you.

They then cook what has been freshly bought. Next, you are handed a menu that contains plenty of options as to how you want your food cooked  (ihaw, sigang, kilaw, etc). Ahhh, it’s the coolest.

And, FRESH is the operative word here.  I can’t overemphasize how satiating it is to  eat at these dampa places that serve everything fresh and great. Yeah, nothing beats eating anything F-R-E-S-H!

Now, I’m hungry again. Anyway, here goes what we had:

The ‘hot front act’ dish was made of halaan soup with onion leeks.

My family is a crab-loving family. These crabs got amputated in the first ten seconds that it landed on our table!

arroz ala cubana 070

These shrimps were dipped in a special sauce by the resto. Sweet, nutty and malinamnam, the sauce was a hit.

arroz ala cubana 063

Baked oyters in garlic and cheese.

arroz ala cubana 098

Grilled tuna belly. Fat, juicy and smoky, I love this!

arroz ala cubana 114

Baked scallops. A must-try!

Meet my FOODIE mom, Baby. My nephew, Marty, and my daughter, Sam.

My celebrant-sister, Tina and her hubby, Oliver.
My sis-in-law, Michelle with my brother, Jerome and their son, Marty.
The family!
My husband, Jake.
And me looking very, very stuffed by this time!

Legazpi Sunday Market


All too suddenly, the otherwise bustling Legazpi Village in Makati is a favorite destination on Sundays. Why? It’s become the hub for quality merchandise from great food buys all the way to fabulous home decors. Heck, with great food alone I’m more than happy already, how much more finding more interesting buys there?



Discovering that  most of their vegetable produce are organic, my appreciation of the place intesified by leaps and bounds. It just made our trip from QC to Makati all worth it.






I was floored by the diversity of cuisines I found there. Truly, a melting pot of  flavors, cultures and foodies. I enjoyed choosing among unfamiliar dishes. A food adventure of sorts, ahh, I love it!


A foodie’s piece of heaven right smack in the city of Makati.




Quite pricey though for a dressed-down ambience. Most of the Persian/Indian fares cost around P300 a pop. Was told that it was so because of the expensive ingredients (like a 5-karat gold? Gimme a break!).

And for the wine lovers, quite a great collection they have there.


And the extras being the fabulous home thingies over there.


Including works of art.


What a Sunday that was! Envigorating, refreshing and yeah, fattening too! Haha. Anyway, we had to fly as soon as we heard our last burping. Also, Sam was too pooped out to stay for the next twenty seconds.