Legazpi Sunday Market


All too suddenly, the otherwise bustling Legazpi Village in Makati is a favorite destination on Sundays. Why? It’s become the hub for quality merchandise from great food buys all the way to fabulous home decors. Heck, with great food alone I’m more than happy already, how much more finding more interesting buys there?



Discovering that  most of their vegetable produce are organic, my appreciation of the place intesified by leaps and bounds. It just made our trip from QC to Makati all worth it.






I was floored by the diversity of cuisines I found there. Truly, a melting pot of  flavors, cultures and foodies. I enjoyed choosing among unfamiliar dishes. A food adventure of sorts, ahh, I love it!


A foodie’s piece of heaven right smack in the city of Makati.




Quite pricey though for a dressed-down ambience. Most of the Persian/Indian fares cost around P300 a pop. Was told that it was so because of the expensive ingredients (like a 5-karat gold? Gimme a break!).

And for the wine lovers, quite a great collection they have there.


And the extras being the fabulous home thingies over there.


Including works of art.


What a Sunday that was! Envigorating, refreshing and yeah, fattening too! Haha. Anyway, we had to fly as soon as we heard our last burping. Also, Sam was too pooped out to stay for the next twenty seconds.



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