Makut Theng


‘Masarap makikain sa kapitbahay!’ or in this case, ‘Masarap kumain ng galing sa kapitbahay!’. My Chinese neighbor and good friend, Myze Ngo, gave me a warm bowl of this Makut Theng or the Chinese version of our nilagang buto-buto.

What I found immersed in the the very tasty pork broth was an interesting mix of  ingredients like some fall-off-the bones pork ribs, ginger, bola-bola, black mushrooms, gabi and lettuce.

I ate it with my sawsawan of hoisin sauce and a bit of hot chillies. Winner!

Myze tells me, these fares are usually found in authentic small Chinese canteens, as she refers to their medium-sized eateries, which usually thrive in places like Chinatown, Banawe, etc.

Can I just say, I am forever delighted sampling authentic Chinese food, it’s a pleasant temporary departure from the Chinese food adjusted to the Filipino palate we usually experience.

To Myze, chin toh sya!


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  1. hi tex,

    u can buy the bola bola at any supermarket or suki market. use fish or squid balll the perfect match.

    first boil the pork ribs with ginger, pag lambot na then put the gabi, mushroom & bola bola, some salt to taste. pag lambot na gabi then put the lettuce in, after 2mins you can turn it off… 🙂

    happy cooking


  2. in my/sg it’s called bak kut teh it’s pork ribs/meat/innards cooked in an herbal broth and has mushrooms and lettuce. it’s get a bit of getting used to because of the herbal taste but it’s yummy! sawsawan is usually chopped garlic and siling labuyo with a very light soy.

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