C Italian Dining– A Must Eat And C Place!

Finally, there’s one great reason to drive to Pampanga. And, the reason starts and ends with the letter C!
Voted not once but twice as Restaurant of the year by The Philippine Tatler, wouldn’t you scratch the itch to hie off to Pampanga to check what C Italian restaurant is all about?

Foodies talk about this restaurant ALL THE TIME!

Nestled right smack in the bustling area of Angeles (very near the Clark airbase), I was just too happy driving over to C to finally sample the very famous Italian dishes they serve. And yeah, nevermind if I missed the television coverage of PNoy’s presidential inauguration, tsk…

The out-of-towners!

Okay, the ‘front act’ of the lunch was an awesome basket of Italian bread– dipped in pesto sauce. I was raving non-stop about the crusty-chewy-oomph loaded characteristics of the bread. It was love at first bite! And to think, we were just starting to warm up!

Italian bread in pesto dipping sauce

 The next to arrive was the jando Italian salami panizza– a certified C bestseller. The novelty of this panizza is in the way you eat it. Oh, my eyes rolled in delight even before I rolled the panizza!
C super classic panizza–jando Italian salami, Php 655.

 You eat the panizza this way: Take a strip of panizza, top with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts then roll or fold the strip to make a bite size piece. Arugula+cheese+perfect crust spelled YUMMY font 99!

The first pasta we ordered, Spaghetti con frutti di mare, was loaded with the bounty of the sea. Fresh salmon, mahi-mahi, grouper, prawns and imported green lip mussels sauteed with light extra virgin olive oil in pomodoro sauce, it really got us digging in for more of this yummy pasta fare.

Spaghetti con frutti di mare, Php 580.

 The second pasta was penne calebrese. Ahh, it was super. Made of chunks of US Angus oxtail meat that was tender-braised with red wine, tomatoes, green peppers and capers.

Penne calebrese, Php 580.

 We also ordered a second kind of panizza– Don Carmelo. It had spicy chorizos, anchovies, thyme and pecorino cheese. I’ve always been a fan of pizzas with anchovies and that one, I so enjoyed!

C Italian Dining

1210 Don Juico Avenue

Clarkfield, Pampanga  045.892.4059


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  1. hi there,

    i’m glad to know you have tried pizza and pasta in C Itilian. This resto is now so famous and i’m proud to be from Angeles City because of it. You may also want to try Cottage Kitchen and Zapatas, they service American and Mexican food respectively, also located in Don Juico Ave., Clarkfield Pampanga.

    happy eating and enjoy the weekends!

  2. Angeles City has several world class restaurants. My friends have hied off to the city just to have a great meal and many times, they have not been disappointed. I’ve tried Zapata’s and C, among others.

    The dining experience at C is definitely worth the trip. I’ve tried Italian restaurants in many parts o the world, including Rome and Italy and C is definitely up there. Its a bit pricey but reasonable. I’ve had the Panizza, the braised leg of lamb, the roast pork and the calabrese – really a great dining experience!

  3. Thank you so much to everyone for your generous compliments! I just came across this blog and my heart just swells with affection to all our guests who patronize C’ for almost 8 years now. 🙂 Rest assured that in the coming months we will be coming up with new recipes for a great dining experience at C’. On behalf of The management and staff of C’ italian dining, Grazie 🙂 – charmaine pineda

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