Plating Using Inexpensive Plates


While I feel adulated when somebody appreciates my plating, I can’t help but marvel in silence at how I mostly do the plating using inexpensive plates!

A friend once commented, ” I really like your plating. How I wish I could have your kind of china so I can make my plating look extra elegant!” . Plating a dish exquisitely requires lots of imagination, good sense of style and using very nice and appealing plates. It doesn’t have to be the very lavish and expensive Chinaware, really.

Large saucer plate, P25 (SM Hypermarket, Centris Stn, Quezon Avenue). Jumbo mug, P50.

By nice plates I mean shape, color and design. While I fancy on those elegant, contemporary white ceramic plates, I don’t mind using printed plates. No hard and fast rules, really.

Moroccan-inspired plate, P25 (SM Hypermarket Centris Stn, Quezon Avenue).

 And oh yes and not to be left unnoticed would be my all time favorite rectangular white plate. Quite unconventional, I use this plate as a dining plate when I have guests at home.

Rectangular white plate, P50 (SM Hypermarket, Centris Stn, Quezon Avenue).

 Lately I have been fancying on Japanese dishes and I thought of buying some Japanese plates, trays and other utensils  to ‘Japan-ize’ my spread.

Japanese sushi plate, P120 (Our Home).

It only takes a bit of squeezing your creative juices to produce an elegant plating. It doesn’t have to cost you even hundreds of Pesos. Plate for less, plate like a diva!
Last of my show and tell would be my fish fingers in a beer glass. Instead of using a regular plate, I ‘plated’ these fish fingers in a glass!

Beer glass, below P100 (SM North Avenue, Basement).


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