HK Choi (Choi Garden)

Beef tenderloin, Chinese style, Php 240.

I wasn’t about to retreat from my long overdue diet until I saw the sumptious spread at the HK Choi Chinese restaurant in Megamall. The ‘halo-ed’ half of me kept nagging me inside to hold back from gorging on these lovely dishes and just stick by my diet. On the other hand, the temptress remaining half did her job, her wicked little voice just tempted me no end. I succumbed to it— and… I loved it! Lol.

Sweet and sour pork, Php 240.

The mega triumvirate of yang chow, roasted duck and soup—- just had me rolling my eyes in sheer delight.

Nestled right smack in the middle of Megamall, it was a great (read: yummy) chow stopover we had. My relatives who ate with my family dished out rave reviews of the place, too.

The opulent but modern interior oh HK Choi  set the stage for supreme lunch with engaging chats to boot. I thought the intricate pieces of those Asian furniture, utensils and perfect lighting was well put. Just the way I want to be ‘copied and pasted’ in a perfect, chillaxing restaurant.

House special wonton chicken soup, Php 380.

The house special wonton chicken soup prepped up our stomach bins  with its warm and comfort-rich broth. Why, it was to be Sam’s main course!

Conventionally in Chinese dining, rice is served after all the viands are served and almost consumed. That’s why we had to tell the waiter to serve it first– Pinoy eh!

Yang chow fried rice, Php 200.

And, the rest of the dining ‘superstars’ trickled in one by one. Oh, my plate was too small. Did my ‘halo-ed’ half do that purposely? I wouldn’t be surprised. Arg, the food I scooped for my plate looked like a baby plate! Lol.

Cold cuts, Php 340.

Salad seafood roll, Php 240.

I was munching on the salad seafood roll like I was eating chicharon! The puff, crunch and excellent taste got me gobbling up about two large pieces!

Sam and moi!

Happiness overload. Sould be back. Soon.

H.K. Choi restaurant
2nd floor,  SM Megamall Atrium
telephone: 382-7757


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