Tofu in Oyster Sauce


The Japanese tofu truly does for a light, refreshing and healthy main dish. For weeks now, I’ve been mightily trying to bring to my table at least one staple viand of vegetable or just about anything healthy. The Japanese tofu has a smoother and tender properties as opposed to the local tokwa that we have here. Oh, I super love munching on these tofus minus the guilt!

Imagine the health benefits you get from eating tofu– One half-cup serving of raw firm tofu contains 10.1 grams of protein! It’s enough to fuel you up for a 5k run!

Yesterday, I made some tofu in oyster sauce. I fried about 1 block of a 6-inch tofu and cubed them about half an inch by half an inch thick. Then, in a separate skillet, I sauted 3 cloves of garlic and a bulb of minced onon. Brought back the tofu onto the pan, sprinkled with 2 tbsps of kinchay and slathered it with about half a cup of oyster sauce and seasoned with salt and pepper. Was that easy or what?


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  1. hi ms. caren,

    i’m stressed thinking of what baon to prepare especially for my son who is picky and loves limited type of food. lately, i noticed him eat tofu (minus the meat) whenever his lola would cook tokwa’t baboy. i tried cooking crispy tofu for his baon last week and he liked it! i then cooked another tofu meal last Monday, it was actually fish & tofu with oyster sauce. he got the tofu and the fish was for my lovely daughter. i’m delighted to read again your post about Tofu in oyster sauce, not only because it is easy to prepare but also the health content it has.

    please do posts more easy to prepare recipes intended for the family to savor especially the kids.

    thank you. i’m learning a lot from your blog.

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