Oliver’s Twist– Queso Rice


My brother-in-law, Oliver Garcia, gave me this gastronomic idea of melting some quickmelting  cheese over my hot cup of rice. You may just top the cheese over some hot cup of rice or microwave the cheese and rice.

I thought it would be perfect with some grilled slices of honeycured bacon. Cheese, rice and bacon– just spell awesome comfort food. Why, it just had me gobbling up everything on my plate. Fast, easy and totally delish, it’s definitely worth trying.


About caren yrastorza

Might take forever and a day to describe who I am and what I do. In condensed words, I am a transient traveller of life.Sure, you may never freeze moments in time, but hey, you may write about them! So, please, join me as I walk you through the hallways of my mind, heart and soul. Come, join me in my journey back Into My World...

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