Bistro Filipino By Chef Laudico


3 mangoes salad

My husband, Jake, and I have been meaning to see for ourselves what the fuss was about Chef Rolly Laudico’s Bistro Filipino at The Fort. Chef Laudico, after all, has earned the badge of honor in becoming one of the country’s top-ranking Chefs with his innovative, out-of- the -box and unconventional way of presenting Filipino food in the most contemporary way.

bistro filipino interior

bistro filipino interior

Being a staunch advocate of the promotion of Filipino food, I feel that Chefs like him should get all the support and accolade for choosing to push for our local food that’s been clearly laidback for the past many years.

deep fried kangkong and kesong puti in wonton wrappers

I fancied on Chef  Laudico’s concept of predominantly deconstructing most of our local dishes to make it look a tad more ‘gourmetish‘ than the usual.

chicken in coconut cream soup

We opted to do the buffet. It was a departure from the usual food spread on a long table. We were served with a special menu for the buffet and we just picked out what we wanted— in batches.

us angus beef kare-kare

The real challenge was in the pacing as we ate. We couldn’t have possibly gobbled up the entire 50 viands on the buffet menu! Pacing and the selection were key, yeah. We had to choose only the best 15 or so dishes or what our stomachs could accomodate.

kesong puti with ham and potatoes

His food selection was pretty interesting. I personally enjoyed the wagyu and the lengua estofado. His kare-kare was majorly deconstructed (not that I complained), my foodie lolas would have raised a howl big time from their graves! I loved it just the same.

I downed my food with a chilled glass of margarita. I had to rush finishing it, though, as the liquor ban was to take effect after a few hours. Yes, I drink my fruity alcohol at a snail’s pace. Can’t do more than one glass!

chicken binacol

The servings came half less than the regular portions. I begged the waiter to make it even smaller but it still turned out a lot.

wagyu and lengua estofado

It’s been twelve years since Jake and I have been religiously doing this ‘date night’ on Saturdays. This one was one of the best, gastronomically. Wish I could take in  more glasses of Margarita so I could raise it a hundred times over to say, “Cheers to us, babes!”. I love, love date nights with good food– the date is already a ‘best gimmick partner hall of famer’.

tuna kilawin

Ahh, the night was young and so was the buffet! The last stretch of the dinner buffet was made of pasta and sardines-malunggay pesto sauce. At that point, I was beginning to feel restless and decided to walk around the place to jiggle the food down to give way to the last few dishes we were to order.

sardines and malunggay pesto

So, this was the fuss. A very scrumptious and unforgettable fuss, Chef Laudico. Bravo!

I’d definitely be back for the 35 dishes more that we haven’t sampled. Meantime, let me just do a bit of dieting for the next big munch!

Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino
Bistro Filipino, Net One Building, in the Fort
+632 856-0634, +632 856-0541


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  1. I had a very special event held at Chef Laudico last Saturday, and, to my great consternation, I was very dissatisfied with the outcome. While the food was good, the SERVICE WAS AWFUL and I WAS DEFINITELY SHORTCHANGED!! Chef Laudico did not deliver what was committed by their representative. I was not informed about their UNILATERAL changes to the agreement on the quantity of food that will be served to my guests, even if I was at the venue an hour before the event started. It just came as a surprise later on when food which was supposed to be served in groups of four (4) people, was served to groups of eight (8) people. They did not INCREASE the quantity per serving and yet I had to pay the same price! And worse, some tables were not served the full menu, which to my embarrassment was noticed by a number of my guests. Sadly, and in a totally unprofessional-like manner, they took advantage of the fact that even if I could complain, it was too late for me to do anything.
    This is clear evidence of utter disregard for customer satisfaction and PRIMORDIAL IMPORTANCE TO PROFIT. I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT GET THE “VALUE FOR MONEY”- SERVICES THAT HAD BEEN REPRESENTED TO ME. I am not going back to Chef Laudico again, and I AM NOT RECOMMENDING it to anyone.

    • well they do tend to skimp on some of the food, my first serving of sans rival was weird since it was only syrup, a sliver of mango, and buttercream at the bottom, so i was puzzled by the “moderne twist,” it was only later when i ordered for seconds that I discovered that it was supposed to have macarons in it… I mean, no complaints about the taste, it was really really good, but they tend to ignore you after the first three rounds… plus they kept asking us if we ordered some dishes while they forget those that we had asked for… sinamak sherbet on lumpia rocks! and the yummy halo halo too

  2. same here. we attended a surprise bday celebration for my good friend. the resto is not cheap, the chef is well known, so we were looking forward to the good food and service. well well well, we were a party of 40 pax, and they had all our orders mixed up. most of the food was COLD though it was supposed to be served hot. you know that it had been sitting in the kitchen for quite a while. and the food was too long in coming, so even if the orders got mixed up, the guests just started eating what plate was served before them as we were all hungry.

    the dishes were so small in quantity (it was NOT a degustation menu, so why so small servings?). the meat was cold, the soup was cold, the salad was wilted bec the dressing had been mixed in earlier and sat in the kitchen too long.

    we know that our friend’s husband paid a hefty price for the dinner. i guess the couple was too busy to notice, but we, her guests, could just shake our heads in disbelief that for a swanky resto as chef laudico’s, food was soo below par and the service that terrible, food was so scant.

    we not only DO NOT recommend the place, we make it known to other folks NOT TO GO WASTE THEIR MONEY THERE. better spend their hard earned money to other fine dining restos, which are aplenty in the metro.

    thanks. just wanted to share our similar experience.

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