Inagiku– Japanese Food At Its Finest


Japanese food’s got something in it that gets me all stirred up. The mere appearance of the food is always a sight to behold. Intricate, detailed and beautiful– the Japanese Chefs, no wonder, are famous for their excellent food artisanship.

Now this door leads you to one great restaurant find I discovered not too long ago:

One of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Manila is Inagiku at Shangri-La Hotel. Why, I was roused by the feast of Japanese dishes served to me along with two of my colleagues in the food press one fine evening. The fares arrived almost in a parade-like manner! Haha.

The plated dishes were too pretty to be gobbled up! Picturesque and loaded with all the oomph, my camera never stopped clicking away.

The restaurant’s kitchen was lorded over by Master Sushi Chef, Wataru Hikawa. He was  the one making sure that each plate of their world-class Japanese cuisine would be definitive of good quality– in both taste and appearance.

Their famous Kaiseki dishes include: Fresh Aburi Engawa (lightly grilled flatfish), market fresh Honmaguro Toro (blue fin tuna belly) and soft shell crabs. Their must-haves also include: Shiitake Ebi Nikutsume, Zensai Moriawase, Assorted Specialty Sushi and Sashimi. For the main dishes the topsellers are: Tempura Moriawase – 9 kinds Teppanyaki Live Lobster
Inagiku Kaiseki. For your sweet ending, you might want to try: Homemade Ice Cream: Wasabi, Red Bean, Black Bean or Green Tea.

With the city’s finest Japanese cuisine and an extensive list of Sake from which to choose, Inagiku redefines the art of avante-garde Japanese dining.

I’ve always been a fan of ‘fresh’– yeah, the freshest ingredients excite me no end. It’s got the stamp of the perfect quality I always look after in the food I eat. At Inagiku, fresh is a big word-ALWAYS.

After sampling Inagiku, I suddenly kinda raised the bar in Japanese dining a notch higher. It was such a delightful experience sampling their food!

Aside from the excellent food, the ambience was also something to check out. Cozy, laidback and perfect for some catch up chats, you’ll never feel the rush to leave.

(63 2) 840 0884

Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm


Level 2

Dress Code

Smart casual

Smoking Policy

Inagiku accommodates both smokers and non-smokers


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