My ‘Silog’ Fantasy


To date, I have yet to stop dreaming of putting up a restaurant that would serve ‘silog’ dishes in a semi gourmet-ish plating. Raising the bar of the quality of some of our Pinoy favorite dishes by a notch higher remains to be my biggest advocacy.

A friend sent over to my place some  tocinolongganisa, bacon, ham, and burger patties for sampling. Tocino and longganisa would be the two Pinoy fave dishes I was referring to earlier that could just be my silog hotshots, the remaining three– the ham, bacon and burger patties would be the fab bonuses (the bacon being the biggest bonus!). Haay, I’m tired playing with my imaginary resto on Facebook’s Restaurant City, I want the ‘silog’ restaurant pronto! Haha!

The tocino struck a balance between sweet and salty-garlicky blending. I did not cringe because it got too sweet or something. It’s usually the case with the other brands. This one had the right timpla and the best glazing! Did I say that this tocino was MSG and Salitre free? It’s reduced fat, too. So, lesser evil, I guess.


The garlic skinless longganisa was my other favorite. Very reminiscent of the ones my mother and sister-in-law used to make in Cagayan De Oro city, it can well substitute my Chippy at any given time– ang sarap papakin! Great with fried rice or even in a pandesal!

skinless garlic longganisa

The bacon was extra good, crunchy, not too salty and a bit leaner than the regular bacon strips sold in the market.

crispy bacon

Meantime, the ham was a player too. I had it wrapped on some warm pita flat bread and had some fresh lettuce provide the crunch and umay breaker.

sweet ham

Finally, the pork burger patties. Quite unconventional as it made use of pork, the taste will eventually grow in you as you chew longer.

burger patty


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  1. hi,

    i am a blogger who’s fond of food blog. i visit your page every now & then. i love learning recipes from this blog of yours.

    the breakfast you featured using porkology products are superb. pinoy na pinoy talaga. tocino and bacon are my kids’ favorite.

    i am QA analyst in a call center here in Clark Pampanga for 10 years now. i’m contemplating on venturing into food cart business, i’m not getting any younger and i want to do something new.

    btw..i already included your blog in my blogroll, you’ll find me here often.

    have a great weekend:)

  2. Hi aidisan,

    Porkology Meat Products offer dealership for those who wants to go into business. You can have an outlet of your own for only Php 10,000.00 initial investment inclusive of a freezer. In case interested, you may email me at for other details and product info.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you.

    Btw Caren, thank you for blogging our products…and for liking it too!

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