Fondant Cakes, Etc.


Pastry expert Aileen Lara is in the thick of baking action again. Yeah, and I’m not complaining. She had me sample her fondant cake with carrot cake filling and was I impressed! The cake was downright perfect in form and in taste. She had me going for seconds!

I noticed, and I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me, that most fondant cakes just look ravishing on the outside and totally hideous in the inside. I mean, hey, sure we want this pretty and all but the tummy down here clamors for some good-tasting filling!

By saying “good” , we mean taste and the “after-feeling” we get. Was it so good that it made you giddy for the next five hours? Was it so crazy delicious that you looked forward to eating it five minutes after you’ve eaten the last morsel of your cake?

Check to all after every food tasting with Aileen’s goodies.

I’ve known Aileen for two decades now and the passion for food, particularly baking has been consistent.

Picture below shows Aileen strutting her culinary stuff in the kitchen.

You’ll know if the pastry was made from the heart by the oomph you get after your first bite… yeah, something like love at first bite or something like that.

When you do business, you put you’re heart in it, if you don’t, the sugar won’t taste as sweet and engaging.

What I like about her cakes is that they’re fun, whimsical and dynamic. Very reflective of her own persona.

I just love these. It totally revvs up parties and special ocassions with the splash of colors of her pastries.

The recent cake she made was for a baby shower. A fondant cake with her signature carrot cake filling. I thought the whole ensemble was totally cute!


Slicing it, you’d see the filling peeping hello to you:)

For orders, you may message her through 0906.212.9084. She delivers cakes and pastries within Metro Manila:)


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  1. Wow. Wow. And Wow! That first photo you have up there just got me staring at it for a minute or two before I could even read the rest of your post!

    Will definitely order from Ms. Aileen if ever I’m in Manila.

    Probably a rhetorical question but…
    does she do sugar-free varieties? My mom can’t have too much sugar due to her health 😦


  2. Hi Lannie!

    Thank you for the kind comments about my cakes!

    With regard to your inquiry about sugar-free cakes, fondant is traditionally made with marshmallow and tons and tons of sugar! So to use sugar alternatives such as Splenda would be too costly for the fondant cake.

    However, the cake can be made sugar-free as with carrot or pound cake and other pastries that include oatmeal and choco chip cookies, cheesecakes, among others.

    Anyways, feel free to contact me should you decide to order.

    Thanks again!


  3. Hi Ms. Aileen!
    We’re just wondering if you’re still able to accept an order for Dec.28? Please drop email us so that we can send the cake specs for you to see. Hope to hear from you.
    Sheila & Ryan

  4. How much is a junior size fondant cake, say 6 inches in diameter and 4 inches high? How much lead time do you need to deliver? Thanks!

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