FOOD Mag’s “Cooking For Two”


Thinking of cooking for two this Vday? FOOD magazine might be able to help you:)

FOOD's February issue. Theme: Chinese cooking. I love it!

I was giddy when FOOD magazine  rang me up for a feature request on the food I was gonna do for Vday. They said I was to prepare an appetizer and at least 2 main dishes. For a week, I did a survey among my friends on what main ingredient they would like to have for a romantic dinner for two. Most of them picked salmon and steak– so, there. FOOD had the two for the feature among the other dishes I prepared for my spread.

For once in my career, I prioritized jazzing up my food more than myself! Haha! I didn’t care if I looked pooped and worn out during the shoot as long as the dill sat prettily on top of the salmon!

Got these mouthwatering slices of Australian steak I used for the FOOD mag shoot (image below,  topmost right) from SM Hypermarket. The brand is Meltique from Australia. There is a new technology in the land down under that allows meat to have a perfect marbling. How? Well, they do the opposite of liposuction! Yes, they inject fat into the meat! The result is a perfect marbling that coats the meat with all the tasty juices of the beef.

For the recipes, please grab the latest copy of FOOD magazine now!


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  1. I did see the Meltique at SM Hypermart yesterday. I stared and deliberated to get it or not. I didn’t, and got another brand. Was the Meltique good? It was nicely marbled, but the color wasn’t very attractive.

    • I got my rib eye steaks yesterday. Left them in the ref to thaw out for tonight. 30mins before, I seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil. Grilled them for 3 mins on each side on an electric griller. It was soooooo good! Thankful that I saw that brand before reading this post of yours.

    • You mean my rib eye last night? Meltique. I got it at SM Hypermart at the Centris Station (Quezon Ave/EDSA). You will have to go through the freezers near the seafoods. It is not marketed well, as the signs were not really visible. I just saw it the last time as I really want to go over products in supermarkets 🙂

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