Stories Made Of Tempura And Maki


Okay, today’s lunch ballooned my waistline 2 inches bigger. Translation: 5k run must happen asap. If you had this today, you would forget about diet:

Spicy Tuna Crunch

My high school barkada decided to troop over to Ebisu restaurant in Eastwood for a catch-up lunch that would extend all the way to meryenda. Haaay, like always, everybody grappled for ‘airtime’, haha. Our hubbies were tormented following the broken vignette of stories each one had to tell!

Nothing beats a lively and animated kwentuhan with good food on the table, right? The starters were made up of shrimp tempura, salmon crisp and spicy tuna crunch.I was stuffed way before the main course was served!

Shrimp Tempura

It’s always one funny sitcom when my HS barkada meets up. I don’t know, these guys are anything but flat. I mean, their personalities just make up for great movie characters, lol. Meaning, we are a body of characters (go figure!)— and I love it! Yeah, I do love them dearly.

Yes, with or without food.
Pero sana meron.

I knew I was in for an uber fantastic lunch today. This maki was so good! Pesto, cucumber and bacon combination really kicked a_s big time!

Ebisu chicken that Jake and I shared:

Love this. Rice and everything nice!

Steak from Jay and Sheila’s meal:


Us during our talkathon break:

These guys are my friends (READ: FRIENDS) Jo, Marra, Carla and Sheila (guy in blue is Jake, the hunk I married) and Jay (who took this shot  but his pic down below!). If there is such a thing as comfort food, they’re my ‘comfort friends’. Friends I am keeping beyond forever

Sweet ending at Le Creperie:

Brownie crepe ala mode


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  1. HI Carol! Thanks for your blog and pictures! As always, I had a great time 🙂 You really have a gift for making everything look so pretty. I didn’t realize the food looked that good. (In other words, I just talked and ate. And LAUGHED.)

    Can’t wait ’til the next get-together.

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