Bonding Over Easy Pastillas De Leche



Sam was extremely looking forward to whipping up some pastillas de leche today. Almost in a mantra fashion, she kept saying, “My work is to pour and mix, my work is to pour and mix! Let’s do the pastillas now, puleeeeease!”.  NOW was her operative word and that got me running to the nearest grocery to get the ingredients.

Okay, pastillas project was finally underway. She was ready to grind away and have fun at the same time.  Happiness was written all over her face:


She poured, mixed and packed some of the pastillas. For twenty minutes, she left the Disney Playhouse channel that momentarily seemed less significant than making pastillas.


Bonding over cooking and food has been one of my greatest moments with my daughter, Sam. My heart jumps for joy at the site of those bright eyes over the prospect of  “cooking with mommy”.


I get overwhelmed each and everytime I hear her proudly announce to family and friends that we cooked and that she immensely enjoyed it.

Ahh, simply priceless.


Pastillas De Leche:

2 cups sifted powdered milk

1 can condensed milk

Sugar for coating


Mix  powdered milk and condensed milk. Mix well. Let settle in the ref for 5-10 minutes before molding or kneading by hand.

Form into balls or tubular shaped pastillas. Roll into sugar.

Wrap in cellophane.



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  1. hey caren! this recipe could not have come in a better time – joaquin has a cooking project in school due end of the month. question is, what could be an alternative to condensed milk? unfortunately, i have yet to come across condensed milk. all purpose cream wala nga here eh!

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