My Little Chef!



Here goes something my little one and myself love to bond over– food and all the fun that goes with it. The past few days saw Sam helping in the kitchen when she tried her hand (literally) at baking some soft, chunky and chewy chocolate chip cookies that would not stay in the cookie jar for long and the other project, whipping up some white chocolate lollipops that our dear family friend Mae Ramos taught us how to make.

Sam greasing the pan for the chocolate chips. I got the sense that she enjoyed more brushing on some shortening as opposed to brushing watercolor on paper!

Sam was extra giddy as I officially announced to her that we were to make chocolate chip cookies. Like always, she just HAD to do the mixing. She loves, loves, loves to mix practically anything “mixable”! Ahhh, starting ’em young eh? Well, kinda.

Future pastry chef?

Her faves include our carrot cake and now, these cookies.


Soft, chunky and chewy chocolate chip cookies

Next on our to-do-list was our white chocolate lollipops– in ring and candy cane shapes.


Serious. Very serious!

 These are lovely!!!


White chocolate ring lollipops

Our first time to do these chocolate delights.


White chocolate sugarcane-shaped lollipops

Our dear family friend gave us pointers on how to make this goody possible. Quite simple I might say. So easy that even kids can do their culinary obras by way of doing this.


Sam was uber delightful just sprinkling the toppings!


The little chef!

She had the finished products given to cousins and titas soon after. Okay, next project please!


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