If I win the lotto, I’m gonna buy an hacienda!


Say Cheese!

Foodie drives all the way down south to experience the lethal combination of good food and nature tripping.

WE started clicking away with our cameras the moment we stepped down from the van.

Why, the place, Hacienda Macalauan in in Laguna, was every inch captivating and oozing with charm.

We were greeted by a refreshing breakfast of mozzarella sticks, a pitcher of chilled freshly-squeezed dalandan juice and their very own yogurt of different flavors, all locally grown.

Then we proceeded to check out the cow barn where fresh milk is sourced from.

We walked over to the main plant where they make all the cheeses that go to the market. Definitely some milk and cheese 101 for the FOODIE team.

Witnessing first hand how commercial milk and cheeses are processed, a dairy 101 of sorts for the FOODIE team, was one of the major highlights of the tour–and that alone, made the three-hour trip well worth it.

We scoured the Hacienda some more and caught a majestic view of the place. The luscious landscape with the steady gurgling of the water stream nearby just blew us away.

 Milk and cheese plus a nice nature tripping experience equaled some good memories of the hacienda. Moo!

I’ve made up my mind, if ever I win the lotto someday, I’m gonna buy out this Hacienda:)

About caren yrastorza

Might take forever and a day to describe who I am and what I do. In condensed words, I am a transient traveller of life.Sure, you may never freeze moments in time, but hey, you may write about them! So, please, join me as I walk you through the hallways of my mind, heart and soul. Come, join me in my journey back Into My World...

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  1. I fell in love with your blog the moment I saw it.

    Thanks to my friend who directed me to your blog.


    I have an actual online meal planner now!

    Keep it up!

    I hope this beautiful hacienda was untouched by any storm 🙂
    para maganda pa din siya when the time comes you win the lotto!

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