Baked Hoisin Ribs



Hoisin sauce  is the equivalent of America’s barbeque sauce in Chinese cooking. Its acceptably sweet and sometimes pungent characteristics make it a favorite ingredient in a lot of Asian dishes. Hoisin is powered by a number of spices specifically some fermented soy, garlic, vinegar, and usually chilis and sweetener.

Today, I baked some ribs with some hoisin marinade. I loved how the hoisin coated the fall-off-the-bones ribs quite perfectly. Ahh, this one is delightfully one of the best hoisin dishes you should try and sample.

Okay, you will need to pressure cook your ribs before you bake it. I prefer tenderizing meats first before I submit them into the oven. I want to be able to control the smokiness, degree of caramelization of the sugar in the sauce and the doneness of the meat. You don’t want to burn your marinade and the meat way before the meat gets done!

Anyway, my 1/2 kilo sliced pork ribs (the part you use for lechon kawali) went to the pressure cooker. Pressure cooked it for 25 minutes. Remember, the timing for the pressure cooker ONLY begins when the whistle begins to make noise NOT when you seal the lid.

When done, remove meat from water, season with salt and pepper  and generously lather and baste with hoisin sauce. Let stand for 30 minutes.

Meantime, preheat oven to 400 c. Bake for 25 minutes. Serve hot!



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  1. How’d you know what I was planning to cook next!? Our brain waves are too in sync! hahah… seriously I was planning to do this for dinner tomorrow… it might be bumped off to the next evening as our cos lettuce need harvesting… so that is the main ingredient for tomorrows dinner instead!

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