The Most Memorable Cooking Experience


DSC_0172And so it happened.

Super typhoon ravaged, crushed and shattered a great number of homes— and dreams of thousands of Filipino. All too suddenly, I realized how, in a snap, everything you have can actually just go–for good.

I felt guilty being  just comfortably home in the heels of the storm as I watched on TV how Ondoy victims clung on to trees, waded in muddy floods just to survive. I felt so helpless. Super.

So, I grabbed the computer and started to mobilize some help through facebook. I felt that the best I could do was to at least give the victims some hot meals after their tumultous date with the storm.

Using my small kawali, with the help of friends (even from as far as Tokyo, Japan– Sieg and Jen Penaverde), High Schoold friends Kit Apari, Pia Canda-Roxas, Faye Singson, Ex-workshop classmate Tanya Titong, childhood friend, Lily Anne Dela Paz, Gym buddy Mae Ramos, John and Coleen Lesaca, we got the feeding operations started the day after the typhoon. The chickens just came pouring in. Whether in kind, in a form of service or in cash, thanks to you guys in behalf of the Ondoy victims.  The meals were brought to Ateneo,  Rizal and some to various baranggays.

 The whole cooking yielded 400 packs all in all, one and a half days of cooking and a lifetime of gratitude to all who made the relief ops possible.

The food:























About caren yrastorza

Might take forever and a day to describe who I am and what I do. In condensed words, I am a transient traveller of life.Sure, you may never freeze moments in time, but hey, you may write about them! So, please, join me as I walk you through the hallways of my mind, heart and soul. Come, join me in my journey back Into My World...

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  1. I love, love, LOVE your blog! So glad I stumbled upon it via facebook. How wonderful to use your cooking talents to help others.

    Been perusing your other posts too – so hungry na…!

  2. There are so many people who in their own way helped pick up the the pieces after Ondoy. You are one of them. Thank you for helping us to be proud to be Filipinos again.

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