Sirloin Strips With Baby Corn



Love your own.

Yes, that seemed to have been our family’s battlecry everytime Christmas happened and we had this dish as potluck for the usual clan get-together and my immediate family would dig in ahead of everybody onto this dish and dig in some more for a  second, third and even fourth serving! Haha, talk about extreme fanaticism!

Sirloin is a personal favorite cut. Top sirloin, is the ultimate. It’s tender, very savory and excretes all the beefy goodness one can ever imagine. Kinda pricey, though. Quality’s got a price tag, so..

Now, the baby or young corn. I learned from our past helpers that these baby corns, in the provinces, are nothing but waste, dirt or trash. To them, they are freaks born out from a supposedly, “normal” corn. While me here in Manila is crazy about my beef sirloin with baby corn. Yee.

Okay, how to do this dish now. You will need:

1/2 kilo top sirloin, cut into thin strips

1/2 kilo ripe tomatoes, diced

3/4 cup tomato sauce

4 cloves of garlic, minced

1 medium sized red onion, sliced

1 cup baby corn

1/4 cup soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

laurel leaf

1/4 cup butter oil



1. Saute beef  in onion, garlic and tomatoes in butter and oil. Season with salt, pepper and soy sauce. Add water to cover meat.

2. Bring to a medium simmer. Continue adding water until beef is tender and tomatoes totally wilted and half of the water evaporated. Add about 1/2 cup of oil.

3. Add baby corn, tomato sauce and laurel leaf. Cook until done. Serve hot.


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