The Perfect Sansrival Cake


pupsansrival 143

This must be pure joy in cake form.

With extreme glee written all over my face, I felt like wolfing down a slice or two the minute I got this. Pistachio sansrival cake by Delize of Chef Jill Sandique, it’s simply the Louie Vuitton of cakes, hands down.

Had my mom taste it and grabe, she was blown away, big time. Haaay, new finds like this get me very giddy. I’m like “oh-dear-this-must-be-love” as I was tasting it, yeah love at first taste!

pupsansrival 146

I particularly like the use of pistachio nuts as opposed to the traditional peanuts in this cake. Definitely an excellent source of protein, it dramatically reduces cholesterol too, among some of its benefits. Love pistachio nuts.

The butter wasn’t overwhelming. Not at all. I did not feel that I was munching on some butter bar with ‘incidental ingredients’ like nuts. Walang daya.

Great taste plus the vibrant green color of the nuts spelled excellence in this cake. Gooey, creamy-rich and really pretty, Chef Jill is the pastry rockstar!

This just worked its way on my ‘top-of-mind-party-potluck-contribution’ list. Loveeet!

*for orders, please call/text 09228262673 look for Lea.


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