Cooking Demo On MomWorx (Lifestyle Network)


I have no regerets having dabbled into newscasting for a good decade or so. Why, it was a dream waiting to happen since I was seven years old! When all the kids obsessed in becoming doctors, lawyers and artista, little me fantasized in becoming somebody like Tina-Monzon Palma. And, as fate would have it, it ‘kinda’ happened although not in the magnitude that I wanted it to be. Still, newscast was one of  my life’s most remarkable highlights, bar none.

Now, fast forward to 2009. I’m now officially out of the newsroom and finally in the kitchen! Yehey! Like a fish thrown back into the water, like an eaglet back in the wings  o f her mother, I can’t be happier in the company of my ‘sandok’ and ‘kawali’. Like I always tell my friends, I’m better off annotating how to ‘gisa’ than annotating  rallies in Edsa!

Cooking is ME. Since birth. And yes, even in my past lives.

And now that I’ve become the ‘kusinera’ that I have always dreamt of becoming (back to back with my news ambitions…), I sure have to tighten my grip in holding on to this dream and focus, focus, focus! It’s definitely the best recipe to succeed:)

Anyway, here goes a video clip from a guesting I made for Lifestyle Network’s “Momworx” with Maricel laxa-Pangilinan. All the recipes I did were lifted from this site.

I hope in my own small way, I am able to offer you a third hand in your kitchen.


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