A Taste Of Spain!


Spain’s got to be one of the loveliest places I’ve been fortunate to see. The haunting beauty of its awesome character just made me want to see it a million times all over again.

The picturesque setting set the tone for one unforgettable journey.

The richness in history, cultural heritage,  majestic architecture and the excellent gastronomic treats certainly make Spain the “IT” destination, hands down.



mime artists do move for a fee, a few bucks should do it.

mime artists do move for a fee, a few bucks should do it.

For some art appreciation, do swing by Barcelona and Madrid when you happen to visit Spain. Quaint museums that are rich in artifacts, historical pieces and world-famous obras abound all over these two cities.
at museo del prado

at museo del prado

These are but just some of the few of major attractions in Spain aside from the many other bewitching destinations you might want to visit.

And, for foodies like me, Spain is the place to be. It’s got to be one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world.

at museo de jamon, madrid.

Great weather, fanatstic company, a heart-stopping architecture at the backdrop with matching sangria for toasting spelled JOY OVERLOAD!

chillin' at plaza mayor

chillin' at plaza mayor

These are but memories on a playback now.

Anyway, last night was a blast. Suddenly, I was back in my “bring-me-back-to-Spain” mode again. I hosted an event that presented the exclusive screening of the Mallorca episode of “Spain On The Road Again” which airs on the Asian Food Channel (Skycable channel 58) every 9pm on tuesdays. 

afc 025

The show is hosted by my favorite Italian Chef, Mario Batali and actress Gwineth Paltrow.

*photo from brownturtlenecksweater.typepad.com

A cooking demo of pescado ala sal or fish baked in salt, sobrasada or sausage or pate and a paella was one of the main highlights of the event. All dishes wonderfully executed by fantastic Spanish Chef and owner of Tapella by Gaudi, Chef Xandra Got Pradera Cacho.

The paella was a winner. Saffron and broth based paella that used calrose rice witha mix of mushrooms and chorizos, this dish blew me away.

chef xandra's paella

chef xandra's paella


the chef and i

the chef and i

Have some sobrasada pate!  Oh, lord! It tasted like a pate version of the Spanish chorizo. It sat well on those cruchy crostinis.



 The event was peppered with tapas all over the serving trays! Add to that the food  served to the guests by Chef Xandra, which she cooked during the demo.

afc 014

  Great food! Truly delicioso! Isalud!


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