Pan-Fried Lemon-Rosemary Chicken


lemchx 023

In the olden times, our Christian brothers and sisters  referred to rosemary as the “Holy Herb”. Why? Well, based on Spanish legend, Mother Mary put her cloak over a rosemary bush during the Holy Family’s journey to faraway Egypt, turning the shade of the blossoms from white to blue.

In this day and age, we regard rosemary as a major herb-cuisine player used in most scrumptious dishes. It shines best with lamb or chicken, perfect with a lot of pasta dishes and salad dressings, and even makes a refreshing summer refreshment! Rosemary sometimes doubles up as a Christmas ornament, potpourri or as insect repellent, or its fanatstic scent used in oils and other aroma-generating  products.

Tonight, I combined it with my chicken and lemon. I loved the way the sauce coated the cooked chicken after I pan-fried and sliced it. The meat just absorbed a lot of the lemony flavor of the sauce, that plus the aromatic component of the rosemary herb. Obviuosly, I’m a big rosemary fan. People at Edsa Garden House (where I buy my fresh herbs), know how big a rosemary fan I am.

Okay what to do, you will need:

4 pcs chicken breasts, halved

juice of 1 lemon

4 cloves of garlic, minced

5 sprigs of rosemary, chopped

1/4 cup soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

4 potatoes, french fries cut


1. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Marinate in rosemary, lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic for an hour. Pan-fry in a skillet on medium heat. Remove from pan and let it rest for ten minutes.

2. Meantime, deep-fry potatoes until golden brown. Drain using table napkins. Set aside.

3. Add chicken marinade to the pan used in frying chicken. Try to achieve the “agaw-toyo-mantika” effect.

4. Slice chicken. Toss over to the sauce in the pan until chicken slices are well coated.Add potatoes  or put on a plate with the potatoes on the side. Sprinkle with some more rosemary for garnishing.




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