Garlic Shrimp Kebabs On Red pasta



shrimps 018

A kebab refers to any grilled or broiled meat that is skewered or put on a stick. Extremely popular in places like the  Middle East, the Mediterranean nations, Africa, Central Asia and South Asia, these kebabs are instant crowd pleasers in any occasion.

The known kebabs include lamb and beef. Ahh, kebab meats always get me giddy. I just love its smoky, spicy and juicy feel! Wonderful.

Today, I whipped out my pack of shrimps from the fridge. Got about 8 pcs. Deveined all of them then seasoned them with salt and fresh pepper. Marinated them for 30 minutes in 3/4 cup melted butter (expect the butter to solidify a bit once you put it in the ref, you might want to melt it about ten minutes before grilling) , 1/4 cup of lemon juice and  8 cloves of minced garlic. Afterwhich I grilled them on low fire.

shrimps 008

Meantime, I cooked my whole wheat spaghetti pasta according to package instructions. Set aside and had it wait for the sauce.

For the pasta sauce, I heated the shrimp marinade and mixed with my bottled oven-dried tomatoes onto the pasta. Sprinkled with my  favorite parmesan cheese on top. The richness of the butter, the flavors of herbs and the acid taste of the tomato chunks just revved up the whole pasta dish.

(For the oven-dried tomato recipe, please click:…ato-experience/ )

The last touch would be plating the shrimp kebabs over the pasta ensemble. Serve with your favorite toast.


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  1. hi carol! will try this. alam mo ba i bought square plates para sa plating, plating na yan. haha it works! now the food looks more appetizing. hoepfully when the weather normalizes we could get together again. cooked your beef in tomatoes yesterday. yum!

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