Stir-Fried Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken



Scrumptious food made from scratch. It’s got to be the benchmark of GREAT food. Given this, I am one to make some of  my own cooking ingredients such as homemade tomato sauce, cream-based soups, pizza crust, dressings, marinades, etc.

However, there are instances when I just need to fast track my cooking. And, rush it is— I usually just pluck out great sauces from the pantry to make wonders on my meat given the VERY limited time that I have. Ah, now, can you relate?

One of my favorites would be HUNTS honey-mustard BBQ sauce. The flavor is very  intense yet smooth on the palate. Coats well with your favorite meat, too. It’s become my bestfriend when I need to dish out food that will cook under ten minutes.

For the marinade, I just put in 3/4 cup of the hunts honey-mustard BBQ sauce, 5 cloves of minced garlic, 1/4 cup extra lemon juice , salt and pepper to taste and 5 slices of ginger (optional). Overnight marinating is best.

When it’s time to cook it, I cut the chicken into bite sizes.  Stir-fry them while adding slices of leek stalks for added flavor. Midway into the cooking, I add around 4 more tbsps of the marinade for flavor reinforcement . There. Shockingly fast and easy.

Food purely made from scratch can wait until I’m load free again. Soon, I hope.


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  1. I have a question and you might find it stupid hahahha but pls do understand that I”m still a novice ;p So here it goes…

    1. Caren whats the proper way to marinate? Mix the sauce and put it on the ref then after 4 hours transfer it to the freezer?
    2. I marinate the whole chicken, put it directly to the freezer then when I have to cook it I defrost and put it in the turbo. Hmmm will it taste the same if i cut the chicken into pieces then turbo?

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