Tomato and Garlic Pork (Chinese Style)



So, who says you can’t make magic out of leftover food?

I had this leftover lechon kawali in my ref a few days ago from a party at home. Sadly, it ceased to bask in its crunchiest glory after a day. I just had to give it some tweaking to make it appetizing again. And again.

This dish was a three-step recycling wonder. Easy but flavorful, gastronomic and mouthwatering! Cooking purists will curse me for taking the short route in preparing this but harried moms will definitely come to my rescue!

To do this:

Heat the pan with about 3 tablespoons of cooking oil.

Mix in a medium-sized sachet of Lee Kum Kee (hep, not sponsored!) tomato and garlic prawn sauce onto the oil. Obviously, we are substituting the prawns with the pork here. You may opt to use leftover fried chicken, too.

Then throw  in about half a kilo of your leftover lechon kawali (or fried chicken or ,yes, prawns). Mix well. DONE!

 (for lechon kawali recipe, please click

Our sweet ending was made of this:





It’s silvanas from Carreon’s Sweets And Pastries, you may visit this site for more info,




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