Mom’s Lechon Kawali, atbp…

mom's super lechon kawali

mom's super lechon kawali

Last weekend saw me invading mommy’s kitchen. I grew up eating, savoring and devouring her kitchen goodies. I just LOVE her food. Yep, mommy was my 1st cooking  coach who unceasingly fed me with all the food education I needed to be able to efficiently work around in my own kitchen, now that I am married and managing my own kitchen.

She cooked her lechon kawali that had the crunchiest balat and the super tender laman. It was also  ‘lesser evil’ compared to the other lechon kawali around. Why? Because she had the turbo broiler to cook it. Didn’t need oil at all, in fact, the pork was the one that rendered the oil.

Conventionally, as the name suggests, lechon kawali is cooked using a kawali or a deep frying pan, but this time, mom avoided the unhealthy use of too much oil and would use a turbo broiler.

Okay, okay, that was putting the carriage ahead of the horse. Let’s take mommy’s recipe step by step. Basically, all you need would be three ingredients: 1 kilo pork (liyempo), salt and pepper to taste.

 ( Important: Please do not cut or chop you pork at this time. The chopping part happens AFTER you have cooked the pork. You don’t want the pork to run dry and let all those precious juices to escape in the process of broiling IF you cut it prematurely)

She just seasoned the pork with salt and pepper. Put it in a pressure cooker (that got filled up with water enough to cover the pork) and cooked for 30 minutes. Please remember that the timing begins when the whistle has already began whistling. The main secret in any meat dish is TENDERNESS. Believe me, no meat dish is good if the meat isn’t tender enough.

After making it tender, she was ready to put it in a turbo broiler preheated and set at 220C, cooked it for about 45 minutes or until the skin turned crunchy. Then she set it aside and let stand for another 15 mins to let the juices settle back onto the meat. Ahhh, sarap, Lord!

You may freeze the pork before or after broiling it for upto three months. Also, you may consider giving it a coupla ‘facelifts’ for variety and turn it into binagoongan, paksiw na lechon or pangsahog to your veggie dishes.

Anyway, to go with the lechon kawali, she served:

halaan sa dahon ng sili

halaan sa dahon ng sili

 My favorite halaan sa dahon ng sili. I liked the broth that had the ginger flavor intensified by a great saute of garlic and sibuyas tagalog.

Other great possible side dishes to go with your lechon kawali could be kamote tops salad in bagoong balayan sauce, munggo with dahon ng ampalaya or papaya atchara.

What a feast! I was simply pleasantly stuffed, yes, with my eyes closed again. Mom just knew how to ignite the foodie in me when I’m there. Oh, and yes, indeed, masarap makikain sa kapitbahay!


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  1. Hi there. I ‘m so glad I stumbled on your blog. I MISS Filipino food. I live outside the country now and what with work and all, it’s so easy to just whip up something easy. Anyway, reading blogs like yours inspire me to ‘go back’ and indeed just cook Filipino dishes at home. Force the hubby to appreciate it. LOL!

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  3. A great way to cook lechon kawali … it’s not messy. Now here’s the real question. Why do Flips all have turbo broilers? My parents have one, as do all my relatives.

  4. what is the secret that lechon kawali will not be so dry and yet crispy? my brother said that cooking the lechon kawli in a turbo will make the meat dry unlike when you cook it in an oven.

    • Hi, Laddie!

      You may try putting about3 cups of water at the bottom of the turbo to keep the lechon kawali moistened yet crispy when done. Just be sure the lechon kawali is placed higer than the bed of water. Also, be sure to brush the balat with some good oil (eg canola, olive or corn oil) before cooking:), this will give the lechon kawali the perfect color and texture that you want:)

  5. The phrase, “Aahh, sarap Lord” got me. I tried your lechon kawali recipe last weekend and my sisters said “My God, ang sarap!”. My only question is, if I double the recipe, say make the pork 2 kilos, what adjustments do I make in the cooking time (pressure cooker and turbo). Many thanks and keep the recipes coming!

  6. Thanks! Will try your other recipes and will let you know the results. By the way, why is the cheesy lasagna recipe missing? What happened?

    • Mommy Marie,

      I can’t believe you remembered the lasagna, haha. I took it out temporarily because the picture didn’t look good! Haha! The OC in me:0 Will put it back when I get a better shot!


  7. Hey, Caren. I was looking for a good recipe of lechon kawali and lo and behold! I stumbled upon your blog 😀 I was typing “lechon kawali” when Google suggested “lechon kawali recipe turbo” so I chose that and I was directed here. Though we limit our pork dishes at home because I live mostly with senior citizens, I’ll definitely try this.

  8. Hi Caren,

    Thanks for your recipe. I’ve been looking for an easy lechon kawali recipe for turbo broilers. Buti nalang I saw your blog 🙂

    I’ll be doing this next week, sana successful hehe.

    Btw, I don’t have a pressure cooker, would the results be the same if I boil it the conventional way? And would the lechon kawali lose its crispiness after a few hours?


    — Barbie

    • Yes, you may boil the conventional way although it takes longer. Taste and quality will be just as good. Re crisp of lechon kawali, crisp ends around after 5 hours that it has been cooked. Heating it in microwave won’t help it, frying will:)

  9. Hi !!!

    I just made your mum’s Lechon Kawali. It should be called “Royal Lechon Kawali”. God bless you for sharing the recipe and technique. After much thought (whick took a few weeks), I finally made it like I said. HOLY COW, IT IS SO GOOD (or should I say holy pig, whatever). The meat is oh-so-tender and the balat is super crisp!!! I plated it like you did in your picture and also added a little side of lechon sauce. Then I took pictures. Lots of them hehe. Am I proud or what.

    And this recipe is perfect. If done correctly, it will turn out the way it should. Crunchy balat and all. Hindi po naging tough yung meat sa turbo broiler noh, kasi nga it was “boiled” in a pressure cooker so na seal-in yung jiuces.

    I also used my mum’s “walang kamatayang” Imarflex pressure cooker from waaayy back when. I dug up my kuhn rikon pressure cooker for this. Mabuti nahanap ko hihi.

    Thank you so much for sharing !!!

  10. caren thanks, hmmm watery mouth na ako try ko to ngayon agad and say thank you nga pala kay mom hehe, this is my 3rd attempt to cook in TBroiler.

    Happy new year.

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