Spicy Chicken In Charsiu Sauce

spicy chicken in charsiu sauce
Yes, it’s chicken made spicy and blended in charsiu sauce. It’s like the bbq sauce version of the Chinese.  It’s sweet, flavorful and loaded with the “Eat me! eat more!” factor. So tasty, you will gobble up a lot without let up. It’s the easiest to make, too. Charsiu sauce is readily available in most major supermarkets in the metro.

1. Just season wings with salt, pepper and a dash of chili flakes.

2.Bread with japanese bread crumbs (for breading techniques, please click: https://theeatingroom.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/chicken-crispers/  ). Fry. Set aside.

3. In a separate pan, heat about three rounds of oil then mix in a pack of Lee Kum Kee (nope, this note is not sponsored..) charsiu sauce. Then, throw in fried wings onto the mixture. Voila!

For a knockout plating, lay down the chicken on a bed of buttered (recipe below).

Just fry your rice and mix in butter. Season with salt and pepper. Add turmeric until desired ‘yellowness’ is achieved (optional). You might want to throw in some chopped basil or any herb of your choice for added flavor.

This dish is a conversation piece because it is so easy to make and yet looks elaborate. It’s perfect for potluck or even for baon. Bon apetit!


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