Organic Tilapia In Two Ways


No less than media mogul Oprah Winfrey declared to the whole wide world her reverence for our tilapia. In fact, her website has, in its food category, a great number of recipes that showcase tilapia.

About two days ago, my family paid a visit to a farm my tita, Charito Mercader (a staunch supporter and advocate of Natural Farming),  is managing. Interestingly, this farm is fascinating  in that it institutes, educates and implements, yes,  Natural Farming.

Natural Farming is a sustainable farming and advocates the use of organic elements to grow organic produce.  It heals, rehabilitates and reinvents  the soil and other natural elements hurt by previously used chemicals to grow plants and nurture other livestock.

For more about Natural Farming, please click here:

Anyway, my tita gave us organic tilapia from their man-made pond for take out. Now, what to do? Bake? Steam? Fry? Ahhh, I was pleasantly in a dilemma on what to do with it.

And so, to break the stalemate, I decided to do my tilapia in two ways: Baked and fingers. I had so much fun doing this. I definitely did not need an Oprah Winfrey to inspire me to move it. This fish could stand alone, with or without Oprah!

Tilapia is loved for its tasty flesh and flexibility. Baked, steamed, fried, it just gives a stellar performance each time it’s cooked.

For the baked tilapia, I seasoned each piece with salt and pepper, inserted about two seeded lemon slices, two slices of ginger and scallion stalks in each tilapia. Topped each piece with about two tsps minced red bell peppers and 2 tsps chopped onion. Baked them for 220C for 30 minutes.

the tilapia before baking...

I knew I had a winner in the oven the moment the perfect aroma escaped the oven compartment a few minutes after I set it in. Ahh, the smell and taste were unbelievable! My palate was  just too happy to have tried something light, healthy and scrumptious.

I particularly enjoyed the taste of the fusion of all the ingredients. The union of lemon and ginger propelled the flavors to greater heights. It just rocked!

baked organic tilapia

I topped it with oregano thyme sprigs for garnishing.

For the tilapia fingers, I just filleted the tilapia, cut it lengthwise (about the size of a middle finger) seasoned it with salt and pepper, dipped it  in flour then  soaked it in 1 beaten egg then dredged on Japanese bread crumbs, then deep-fried. Pat dried on a bed of napkin, plated and served!

* Dip in mayo when served:)

tilapia fingers




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  1. Tilpaia has such a bad name in Hawaii, but its slowly turning around. I have about thirty in a tank and one keeps giving me the eye. He’s headed for the chopping block and I’m gonna try this recipe!!!!

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