Smoked Bangus Mania


Smoked bangus is, without a doubt, definitive of Pinoy cuisine.  Yes, one of the many Pinoy food greats that deserves global recognition that’s been long overdue. Waaaay long overdue.

The rich, smoky taste  of this bangus makes it extra palatable, unique and flavorful. Conventionally, this is eaten with itlog na maalat, chopped tomatoes, red onion with matching sinangag (fried rice).  The play of salty, sour and spicy in this combo meal just makes you salivate at any given time that it is suggested.

smoked bangus in olive oil, scrambled eggs with chopped burong mustasa and tomato salad

spicy smoked bangus in olive oil, scrambled eggs with chopped burong mustasa and tomato salad

Tweaking it a bit, though, can spell variety and another food adventure. So, why not?

Well, off hand, there are two smoked bangus dishes I am crazy about, spicy smoked bangus flakes in olive oil and smoked bangus pate. The latter, being a big favorite when we hold parties at home and the former, a flexible dish that can be transformed into many other great-tasting dishes (please refer to my previous blog, for the smoked bangus pasta recipe).

smoked bangus pasta

smoked bangus pasta

This dish I’m featuring now is smoked bangus pate.

By tradition, pate is  presented as  baked in a crust or shaped as a terrine. But the crust’ s purpose isn’t really to be gobbled up but to hold the pate in one piece.

Today, the pate is, connotatively, a combination of any seafood, chicken, meat or vegetables with a base ingredient turned into a meat paste.

This dish I am sharing with you is smoked bangus pate. A fantastic dish perfect for snacking, cocktails or for business!


smoked bangus pate

To do it:

In a blender, put in one piece of medium-sized fried smoked bangus fillet (minus the head, tail, skin and bones), 1 box of cream cheese, half cup all-purpose cream, 2 tbsps lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Pulse until smooth and creamy. Serve with crostini rounds.


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  1. Hi caren! Sobrang gusto kong project-in tong smoked bangus pate, natikman ko dati kasi sa max’s to na parang nakabalot sa molo wrapper, tapos parang cream cheese and tinapa lang siya, and salt and pepper. Pero me cream and lemon juice din pala. Try ko nga to bukas sa dayoff ko hehe. Thanks!

  2. I’d like to share my own twist to the tinapang bangus collection. Its called hinode sushi or sunrise sushi. Its composed of smoked bangus in chilli oil prepared with cucumber and of course with japanese rice, black sesame seed and nori sea weed wrapper. I know its nothing really unique but the beauty of it is being able to present smoked bangus in bite size or party type serving.

  3. pnoh po xah ipreserve? refrigerate lng po bah? wla po kyang extender n pwde gmitin.. i’m thinking of using it in my project

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