Baked Dory In Red Pesto Sauce


I was so thrilled  as I booted out my flaming hot tray of baked dory from the oven. The sight of melted cheese fused in with the red pesto and oven dried tomatoes just bowled me over. Rich, healthy and very pretty, my baked dory should find its way to my potluck menu very soon!

The contrast of lemon and cheese was quite a combi there. Add to that the sour-y yet a bit sweet contribution of the red pesto. Fantastic, eh?

The original recipe for this calls for the use of Japanese mayo. The layering then  becomes: lemon slices, fish, Japanese mayo, topped with your favorite cheese. Well, meantime,  I thought I’d play around a bit and replace Jap mayo with red pesto.

This dish cooks so quickly. Over less than half an hour. The lesser time you cook it, the juicier and more moist the fish meat remains to be. Now, how mouthwatering is that?


Slice about 4 lemons and line them up on a tray with the slices on top of the other.

Meantime, season 3 large whole fillets of dory with salt and pepper. Lay them on the lemon bed.


Smother generously with red pesto on your fillets (red pesto is readily available at your favorite supermarket).

Top with your favorite cheese. My favorite cheese combi is cheddar and parmesan. Bake at 350c for 20 minutes or until cheese melts.



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  1. This looks so yummy! =) I think am gonna try doing it at home. Hi Caren! Hope to see you and Sam soon.

  2. the dory in red pesto sauce is perfect for the Holy Week since we’ll be abstaining from meat. thanks for the idea 🙂

  3. you’re welcome, pink cookies. am doing smoked fish mousse later, you might wanna check it out when i publish it right away. it’s gonna be good for this holy week, too.

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