Chicken Shiraz



Salty or sweet? Oddly, there are times when I crave  for two tastes at the same time! Dang, why can’t I just slip into a different foodie when moments like that happen? As in dessert time comes, sometimes I want manggang hilaw with bagoong, but dude, can you not obsess with a slice  of a gooey caramel cake, too? Salty and sweet, yeah!

Sometime last week, I marinated some chicken breasts in soy sauce , calamansi and lots of pepper. I craved for the sour-y component of our native calamansi. Ahhh, how I drooled while I cooked (Ooops, chill! I meant it as a figure of speech! Nothing to make the chicken yummier with “it”, okay? LOl) the chicken. 

However, as I forked out my chicken for plating. I saw on the pan the chicken juices/drippings rendered and  stuck on the surface of my pan. GOLDMINE! The most intense chicken flavor is there and I’m not letting it escape! And my bright idea was to make a sauce out of it. Gravy? Nah! I wanted something sweeter and more.. more.. gourmet.

Yes, finally my palate knew what it wanted. It called on a bottle of shiraz (a type of wine) which contently sat on my ref. Then the sweet dimension was courtesy of my trusty white sugar.

Shiraz yields an extra rich plum and ripe blackberry fruit flavor further enhanced with subtle black pepper and soft oak characterts.

Remember, the kind of wine that you use in cooking should be the kind that you like drinking. Arg, I abhor the cooking wines sold in the groceries. They taste awful!


Anyway, what did I do? Here goes:

Chicken Shiraz

Two whole chicken breast fillet

2 pcs calamansi

3 rounds of olive oil

2 tbsps soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup shiraz or any red wine of your choice

2 tbsps white sugar (adjust according to your taste)

3 tbsps balsamic vinegar


1. Marinate chicken in soy sauce, calamansi, salt and pepper.

2. Stir fry until golden brown on each side (about 7-10 mins on each side). Set aside.

3. On the same pan where the chicken was cooked, set on low heat. Gently scrape the chicken by adding the wine, vinegar and sugar. Remember to cook the wine well (meaning, you have to let the alcohol evaporate from the mixture. Give it like 3-5 minutes to be released). Continue stirring until consistency becomes a bit thick.

4. You may stir in cooked chicken or slice the chicken then drip the sauce around (like how i did it). Serve.


Coming up next…

Baked Dory In Red Pesto Sauce



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  1. sounds like something we 9including my picky husband) would love! Now where do I get the Shiraz? (I do have two types of red wine out on room temp for several weeks now! Will that do???)

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