Nyssa’s ‘Red Adobo’


I was just too happy to hear from my high school buddy Nyssa this morning. We were exchanging  notes on what we’ve become after all these many years that we have been apart. Why, Nyssa was like a sister when we were teenagers. We chronicled each and everyday of our high school life by chatting away like anything during recess time, lunch time and dismissal time! Funny, we were not even batchmates. We just hit it off too well. Sadly, we kinda drifted apart when college years came. Thank God for facebook, we’re hookedup again, at least, on cyberspace!

Earlier today, she was telling me about her being a ‘d.i.y.’ girl.  I checked out her work (for proof! Ha!) when she renovated her house and I was awed with what I saw! You might want to swing by her site, it’s  http://nyssaferedo.multiply.com/photos/album/6

So proud of you, buddy!

Beyond that, she told me that she’s simmered down to being a housewife from being a career person. How noble, I thought.

Anyway, she’s sharing with us her recipe of ‘red adobo’ which her kids soooo love. Am sharing, too, (with her permission, of course) the note that went with it.

Dear Caren

It’s been great to hear from you and to know that after all these years we end up loving to do the same things! As promised i am sending you photos of the food i cooked today. I tried my best to get the pics to look as good as those on your blog…but im afraid these fall short. The good news is, the kids love it, and as moms you and i know that this is what it’s all about!!

I’ve said earlier that cooking is what my life is all about now. They say that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and in my case the other third is spent in the kitchen or in front of cookbooks. I collect just about any cookbook or food book that strikes my fancy and i spend way too much time reading and thinking about all the food i would like to cook and taste. But as reality would have it , chores, kids and homemaking eats up our time and well, most days we have to stick with what is doable and practical and hopefully healthy. The dish we had today was born out of that. This is  the kind of dish harried moms resort to when there is little time and we have to make do with what’s in our cupboards. 

Antonio’s Red Adobo

This dish is not a kind of adobo. Once upon a time, Antonio refused to eat anything BUT adobo and i had to find a way to get him to eat his vegetables. He would  tell me ” Mom this is not adobo!” And I would say ” Oh yes it is! It’s RED adobo.” ( parenting experts please do not castigate me for this…moms do get really desperate at times ) These days he has gotten tired of the real adobo but still hankers for this faux adobo.

1/2 kilo lean ground pork ( grocery is good but if you have a suki butcher it would even be better )
1 medium onion minced
1-2 tbsp minced garlic
2 medium potatoes ( cubed )
1 medium carrot (cubed)
1 green bell pepper ( cubed )
1 large packet Del Monte Tomato paste
1 1/2 cups water ( to dilute tomato paste )
1 Knorr pork Cube
1-2 tsp sugar ( adjust to taste)
1 laurel leaf
a dash of patis

Saute garlic and onions in pan ( i used regular Olive oil  1 tbsp) Add lean ground pork and brown. Add laurel leaf, knorr cube, potatoes and carrots. Add Tomato paste diluted with water. Simmer. Add green bell pepper, season and continue simmering until sauce thickens and meat is tender. Serve over hot rice.

This couldnt be easier.


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