‘Herbed’ For Life!

herbed linguine

herbed linguine

I guarantee you  that plucking fresh your herbs straight from your garden is best. The freshness translates into great food and the best appearance. Lately, Ive been gaga over planting and growing my bunch of herbs. Thought I’d share with you the ones  that I love to use.

My HERB  ‘must haves’…

flat parsley

flat parsley

 I usually use chopped Italian flat parsley as if its the final ‘accessory’ to almost all of my dishes. Aside from the flavor it gives, it spruces up the fare once sprinkled onto it. I prefer the flat versus the curly because the flat type is easier to sprinkle and yields a ‘fresher’ taste .



My ‘love affair’ with oregano dates back about more than a decade ago. The only herb I had in our garden in QC. Why? Because it was the easiest to maintain. You can pluck out all the leaves you want without worrying that it might soon after that wither and die.
Oregano is best with meat dishes, soups and pasta. I usually use it for my spaghetti meat sauce and even for my beef lasagna.


sweet basil

sweet basil

I was first introduced to sweet basil during my 1st attempt to make my pesto sauce ages ago. Since then, I’ve been “basiled” for life! Haha.
I keep a jar of homemade pesto at home or if I don’t have the pesto ingredients available, I just chop these basil leaves and mix in oil then bottle them up. It’s so flexible, you may use it as rub, marinade, salad dressing, flavoring to a number of fares, etc.
Ahhh, basil your food! Come on!


In a recent party at home, I forgot to pay attention to the beverage ‘department’ of my whole menu ensemble. I even forgot to buy juice and softdrinks!
I was too engrossed whipping up the party food.
As guests trickled in, they started asking for water. Ah, that one naman I had. ONLY, the pitcher and of course the water in it looked too plain and boring.
Like as if it presented itself to me as it sat on my window sill, my tarragon plant had the “put me in! put me in” appearance. So, as if a tiny voice prodded me, I put in a coupla bunches of tarragon right smack in my ice cold water! Voila! It was the most BEAUTIFUL pitcher of water I’ve ever laid my eyes on!!! Hahaha!
And to think that it was JUST water! And, the taste was extra refreshing.
You may substitute tarragon with mint or sliced cucumbers, too.
edsa garden house

edsa garden house

The best herbs are found at The Edsa Garden House at the Mla Seedling Bank along Quezon Ave. cor Edsa and  at the Lung Center sunday market along Quezon Ave.
PS– Will post the recipe for herbed linguine next time.

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