The Lung Center Sunday Market

green leafy vegetables

fresh green leafy vegetables

 I did not find any pressing reason to get my feet on the Lung Center grounds until I heard about its sunday market.

I was delighted as soon as I caught site of  the wide variety of stalls vending a host of commodities– from grilled tuna belly to puppies to organic vinegar to organic herbs to buffet cabinets! Awesome!

grilled tuna belly for sale

grilled tuna belly for sale

We bought a piece of belly that sold for P300. I guarantee you great quality of this fish. Fresh, minus the ‘fishiness’, tender and flaky (which is a sure sign of freshness). It came with a plastic that contained sweet and spicy sauce.  It was too yummy, we couldn’t have enough of it!

dogs for sale

dogs for sale

My sister checked out this dog store and found great finds here. They sell cheaper than the malls. Kakatuwa!
katuray-- great for salads!
katuray flowers– great for salads!

 It was the first time for me to discover katuray flowers. Considered a cure for headache, katuray is a favorite among diabetics, too. It’s believed to control sugar levels when eaten.  It is a major ingredient in certain types of Asian salads. Yummy, they say. Bought a bag of it but forgot to take  it out from the ref for three days. Got wilted, ngek.

a great variety of vegetables
a great variety of vegetables
A mecca for foodies, this sunday market offers a wide array of veggies. Groceries sometimes miss on their shelves one type of vegetable or two and I so hate that! Finally, I got my one-stop shop here…
pots and pots of fresh herbs for sale!

pots and pots of fresh herbs for sale!

I’ve been nurturing fresh herbs lately. I’ve gone around and looked out for the best quality fresh herbs and I found most of my great finds here. The leaves are usually very green and luscious. 
I left with the thought of going back again this weekend. I love the place! Hope to see you there!

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  1. i was just there last sunday. 🙂 narecognize ko yung manong na nag-iihaw ng tuna belly sa photo mo. heheh!
    ano na nga palang fresh herbs nabuhay mo? i tried planting a basil plant here in our garden. bought it from tagaytay. ayun, patay na sya. dapat yata sa medyo malamig pala yun.

    • hi, faye! my herbs are fortunately very ‘healthy’, i got basil, tarragon, mint, lemon balm and italian flat parsley, oh and rosemary, too. how are you?

    • Hi, Jen!

      If I have a garden that would have an ample space for my herbs, I’d definitelly de-pot my herbs. Just make sure they have good spacing in between them so they won’t grapple for the soil’s nutrients and get entangled in the process. De-poting them would make them healthier because of the sun, be more enriched by a good amount of healthy soil, etc. as opposed to the little soil in a pot that tend to dry up overtime. Unfortunately, I live in a condo and can’t de-pot. So I try with all my might, religiously and faithfully to water my herbs depending on their water requirement:)

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