A Party To Remember


My cousin Fannie hosted a twin birthday bash for her mom, tita Aling, and her good friend, Imelda, over the weekend at her opulent penthouse in Wack-Wack. Of course, we wouldn’t miss an occasion like that for the world! Tita Aling, after all, is like a second mom to Jake and me.

The dinner set-up was truly enchanting. Crisp linen napkins, elegant black ceramic plates, great plating of the food, aah, for a moment there I thought the setting just leaped through from the pages of a magazine!


fannie’s elegant setting

Fannie’s friend, Imelda, is the fascinating home-educated cook who never fails to marvel us with her excellent tasting fares. She comes from a family of chefs and foodies who only know genuine, succulent and mouthwatering dishes. Imelda just stuffed us with her super savory food that night. I told her a thousand times how I so looooooove her food!

garlic prawns

garlic prawns

 We sampled some of her specialties like the morcon, chicken galantina, garlic prawns and kare-kare and boy, was I awed! I thought I gained 20 pounds in three hours! Insane!  


beef morcon

beef morcon

chicken galantina
chicken galantina

To cap the evening, our nephew Manolo dished out some few songs that just blew us away. He’s the little boy no more.

check out his video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RKjBf8nW38

Now, that’s t-a-l-e-n-t!. I did not know he is THAT good. Nols, keep it up!

  manolo hamming it up for the guests
We missed Moni at the party but her kids Anton, Katherine and Julia were there to represent the family. Thanks to Anton, too, for sharing with us his gift of music! Galing!

PS– Imelda Sietereales accepts catering services. Her contact # is 7255037.


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