One Fine Evening


hickory smoked chicken on oriental salad

Our good friends Sieg, Jen and Sieg’s brother Jun are in town right now. Sieg and Jen just had the most beautiful wedding at the breathtaking Tagaytay Midland last weekend.


Since Sieg and Jen still have some coupla days to while away time in Manila before they head back to Japan and Jun to New York, Jake and I invited them over to our place for some dinner and drinks. We were just too excited to touch base with them again.


We met Sieg and Jen abroad and truly had a blast during those few trips we spent together with Jen, being a super trooper and Sieg, providing all the punch lines!


Now, the task. What to set on the table for our balikbayan  friends was a concern. I wanted something Asian but with the Western touch. Fusion. Yes, I knew I wanted that.


The main course was my creamy beef casserole. I sautéed my cubed brisket in garlic and onion (sibuyas tagalog). Covered it with water and slow cooked it until tender. I then threw in some sliced mushroom and cut young native corns onto the beef mixture then mixed in a box of heavy cream.


creamy beef casserole

creamy beef casserole


Meantime, I boiled some potatoes to make mashed potatoes (tip: It’s best to boil your peeled potatoes with your beef. The potatoes would be tastier and you would save a lot of time and electricity if you do this). Then, I removed potatoes from the beef mixture. After I mashed my potatoes, I blended in butter then seasoned with salt and pepper. I usually put in cream in my mashed potatoes, but in this case, my filling was already cream based so obviously, I did not want the umay factor.


In a baking pan, assemble your dish. Pour in the beef mixture. Top with mashed potatoes. Brush top with egg yolk (for gloss and texture). Sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until cheese is golden brown. Let stand for 30 minutes (you need to do this so that the whole ensemble wont disintegrate when it’s time to serve it).


My next dish would be  my hickory smoked chicken on oriental salad. For the salad, I shredded my iceberg lettuce, julienned some red peppers and singkamas and fried some canton noodles and tossed them all together. I ran out of walnuts last night but I would have tossed over some of those chopped walnuts if I had it. Then I drizzled some Asian balsamic dressing onto it.


hickory smoked chicken on oriental salad


Now, my hickory smoked chicken. Got a bottle of Hunts hickory smoked flavor marinade and marinated the chicken for about an hour. Grilled each side for 7 minutes. Chopped them and laid them on top of my salad. Voila!


For the pasta. I used my favorite noodle that is linguine. It’s a cross between spaghetti and fettuccine. I love biting on it because it’s not too thick nor too thin, just right. Then I used smoked bangus (tinapa) to go with it. I just sautéed 5 cloves of minced garlic then threw in some flaked smoked bangus then mixed it in with my pasta. I then sprinkled the pasta with parmesan cheese, chopped flat parsley and sweet basil before I served it (this one was still in the pan though, hehe). Yes, it was THAT easy.


smoked bangus and herbed linguine

smoked bangus and herbed linguine


Then Jen and Sieg brought in a box of chocolate cake from Cakes to go. Yummy! Super moist. Very, very, very sinful! Ahh, sweet ending, you bet. Jun’s gf, Chimmy, who caught up with us liked the cake too.


To Sieg, Jen, Jun and Chimmy, I raise my glass to all of you! May you have a bountiful, happy and peaceful new year ahead!


sieg, jen, jun, me and jake havin' a blast!

sieg, jen, jun, me, sam and jake havin' a blast!








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  1. hi!!
    nice meeting you kanina sa jollibee 29’er bazaar event 🙂

    sama din kita sa next food bloggers event


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