Lolo Dad’s Brasserie– Truly World Class


Had an awesome late lunch at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750 in Makati yesterday.  Like always, Chefs Ariel and Mia Manuel were the foodie deadly combination that took Jake and I  to yesterday’s gastronomic journey.

Mia did our wedding cake. Man, how I almost wolfed down the whole cake during our cake cutting ceremony! Haha! It was so good! I kept asking her yesterday how she comes up with her unique pastry creations.  They are anything but ordinary. They’re so pretty, you would not want to touch them! Haha.

Okay, okay that’s putting the carriage ahead of the horse. Let’s take off with the starters before Mia’s sweet endings.  For starters, Jake had chev’s cheese and tomato with mesculun salad. The salad blended in perfect harmony with the light dressing, fruit, tomato and cheese. One bite would make you beg for another try.  I almost got the entire plate from Jake! Hehe.

chev's cheese and tomato with mesculun salad

chev's cheese and tomato with mesculun salad

 I had Mia recommend to me what starter was good. She said I should try the fried brie with sobrasada, which I did. The moment the fried brie hit my palate, I knew I was going to enjoy the rest of the serving.

fried brie with sobrasada

fried brie with sobrasada

The pastry that coated the brie had the perfect texture and taste. It well complimented and neutralized the saltiness of the brie. I won’t mind having it again the next time I swing by.
Now the main course, ta-dah!!!
pasta with blue marlin

pasta with blue marlin

Just by the look of this pasta, I do not need to sell hard what I tried (yes, what I tried from Jake’s plate again! Haha!). There’s something about Chef Ariel Manuel’s dishes that leaves you guessing what the secret ingredient is and why you will keep drooling for more. Yes, you will want more bite after bite!
And what did I have? I had the mushroom with raclet. Ahh, another gastronomic delight.
mushroom with raclet

mushroom with raclet

 It had the chewy-cheesy feel as I munched on this dish then savored some more the melt-in-your mouth filling of this fantastic fare.

For the sweet ending, we tried the almond segafredo with orange popsicle.

segafredo with orange popsicle

segafredo with orange popsicle

Now, how awesome is that? There was nothing heavy in that dessert. It’s popsicle covered with coffee partnered with the inverted popsicles. Was glad I saved some tiny space in my tummy for this fantastic ending.
Lolo Dad’s Brassierie
6750, Makati city
tel #8136750

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  1. Caren!!! Bingo!!! I think Faith and I just found our eating buddies after browsing the restaurants you approved 🙂 Looking forward to explore the good side of Manila-dining and eating good food!!!

    Food explorers,
    Marielle and Faith

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