Eggplant Tempura

eggplant tempura

eggplant tempura

Growing up, I never looked forward to having eggplant on my plate.  I thought it had a slimy, icky texture that didn’t make my tummy happy upon every touchdown down in my stomach. Strangely, the taste just grew on me, overtime. It eventually had the “eat me!-eat me!” characteristic that got me using it for quite a number of my fares.

The other day, I was quite in a mad rush to make lunch. My main requirement: Vegetable that my two-year old Sam might like. Well, on the whole, Sam is easy to feed. However, lately, she’s been into eating Mc Donald’s chicken nuggets. She gobbles it up at every possible opportunity! And so, I thought of twinning the nuggets with a similar fare that’s nutri-packed, somehow. I had my thinking nose working for me that afternoon and it had me decide to whip up eggplant tempura. It’s flavorful, healthy, unique and with the power crunch!

It’s so easy to make. Peel off a few pieces of eggplant. Choose a cut of your choice (julienne, rounds, diced…). I chose the nuggets cut so that Sam would be inspired to eat it. Dip the eggplants in one piece beaten egg. Bread with japanese crumbs (seasoned with salt and pepper). Double coat it if you like (egg, bread crumbs, egg, breadcrumbs). Double coating yields crunchier but thicker eggplant tempuras. Deep-fry. Remove excess oil by letting it rest on a bed of kitchen napkins. Plate on a bed of shredded cabbage and carrots for extra appeal.

There. It is THAT easy.

For the dip, I prefer to use ceasar dressing. It gives great contrast to the otherwise, neutral taste of the eggplant. Mayo with a swig of mustard seasoned with salt and pepper also rocks.

This dish can go well with your favorite clear soup, too.


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