Food Trip at Bobby Flay’s Bolo


‘Hot off the grill’ was something I was glued on to for a good three years           while it aired on The Food Network in Manila. Bobby, I think, is the male counterpart of Martha Stewart, the Tom Cruise of the foodlandia. I particularly like his ability to give zest to an otherwise ordinary meal. His other shows ‘Boy meets Grill’ and ‘Iron America’ are likewise as engaging. I literally drop the world when he’s on. His food is simply yum-o. 

     Sometime last year,  I had the chance  to be in NYC, Bobby was on my ‘hitlist’ along with Wolfgang Puck, Rachael Ray and Mario Batali. T’was awesome realizing that I was actually a subway away from these culinary rockstars!

    Time for fantasies to meet reality, right? Whatever! I suddenly just found myself dining at BOLO, one of Bobby’s restaurants. For a moment there, I thought I was dreaming.

      I mean, I’ve seen Bobby Flay do that hummus pizza with basil and chicken roast on TV and woahness! There I was sampling it! Is that cool or what? Thanks to Jake’s cousin for taking us there! A forever and a day is not enough to thank her…

Margot, Jake, Sam and I.








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