The Real Paella?


One of the most interesting aspects of travelling is definitely all about FOOD. In a recent trip to Spain, I put on my ‘hitlist’ the must-go-to restos that served Spain’s best. Best Paella, best Callos, best Iberico Hams, etc.  And, inspite of the language barrier, we searched high and low for the best but reasonably priced restos that served those ‘bests’. Luckily, the hotel where we stayed in (Silkens Hotel Puerta America), had the best breakfast buffet. Atkin’s fanatics will have their heyday sampling the vast array of Spanish dishes served to us every waking up hour. The food choices were predominantly ones that were protein packed. The chorizo platter was something else! If you don’t limit yourself, your blood pressure might just rumble up and do you in. The platter had their native chorizo, iberico hams and other native hams which I forget now the names. The cheese platter had brie, emental, roquefort, sharp cheddar and cottage cheese. Those were just a few viands among the many choices. We were so stuffed everyday!

Then, we scoured Madrid some more for the Paella. We found one near the Gran Via area. I was so shocked learning that the ‘real’ Paella MIGHT not be the Paella that I know. Not the usual Paella served in Manila. Theirs was the soggy, sticky version. Very similar to the consistency of our native “bico”. Okay, I was exaggerating. More similar to a risotto, I guess. Tsk, was a bit upset there. Sigh.  My saliva suddenly just dried out.

Off we went to a coupla more restos that served Paella in the succeeding days but, alas, same experience took place. Then, I started deducing that the ‘real’ Paella might just be that. Anyway, I can’t totally say I liked it nor I detested it. The “‘awakening” or the  learning experience was enough reason for me to be grateful that I got enlightened on this trivia at least straight from the “Paella Country”, no less. Gracias!





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