Quick Pasta Meals


Most of the time, we don’t know how to find the middleground for good food and easy time preparing it. Here goes some quick pasta combinations that might ease your stress in planning your menu:

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Quick pasta combinations:

1. Olive oil, garlic and pamesan cheese

2. Bechamel sauce (flour, cheese, butter and milk, whisk together then simmer) and choice of:


Smoked bangus in olive oil

Sun Dried tomatoes


Shitake mushrooms

Diced chicken

Note: You may even toss up any of these two or more combinations to the bechamel. Experiment!

3. Tinapa and pesto

4. Olive oil and adobo flakes

5. Stewed tomatoes, basil and feta cheese

6. Left-over cream of pumpkin soup and sliced black mushrooms (best with bow-tie noodle pasta)

7. Diced roast chicken (left-over again) , olive oil, chopped fresh basil and cheese (drippings of the roast is a good flavor enhancer too)

8. Shrimps, squid and dory fillet, olive oil, cheese and lots of roasted garlic

These are just some of my favorite quick-fix pasta dishes. I will publish more as soon as I get the time (and energy!). Btw, please take note that there are a lot of excellent bottled fish in good oils available in the supermarkets. You can just toss them over to your favorite pasta and you’re ready to eat. My personal favorites are: Santwaryo’s smoked bangus in olive oil (wow, this one is so versatile, it can be palaman for pandesal, can be made as ulam, can be pulutan, so yummy!), Zaragoza’s tuyo in olive oil and  bangus in corn oil.


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