A World of Eaters


View image detail“I only eat because it’s necessary!”. I almost fell off my chair hearing this from a new acquaintance, Sheila. I was too naive to deny the existence of  some who may regard eating as a mere ’obligation’ in this food-loving universe! No wonder she’s able to keep her weight fabulously low. Did I say she’s 27 years old with three kids to boot? Man, life can be so unfair!

My previous impression was that everybody was born a foodie (someone  who is keenly interested in food especially in eating or cooking). Sheila, all too suddenly, gave me the rude awakening. I just realized that, yes, there are some who aren’t really smelling the roasted garlic the way that a foodie does. Sad, I think.

View image detailHow do you spot a foodie? Easy. Interestingly, foodies easily get jolted to excitement by the mere sight of a succulent Twice-Baked Chicken Roast. They worship and sanctify the union of salt and pepper! They bask in the glory of that warm Sausage Gumbo or that Sizzling Teppanyaki. And, they make blogs like this!

Allow me to share with you the types of “eaters” based on my observations over this lifetime that I have been into FOOD. Here goes:

The Picky Eater– She refuses to eat a great number of food types either because her palate never got used to it or she’s been  living under a rock for a century now to know what’s good or bad.

View image detailThe Binge Eater– To her, It doesn’t matter whether she’s munching the most expensive wagyu beef  or the shoe of her boyfriend. It’s quantity, not really taste or quality!

The Genuine Foodie– She drops the world to taste the latest food find. She knows every herb by heart including dahon ng sili and dahon na kutsai!

The Takaw Mata Type– As if a camera personified, her eyes pan from left to right then back at a buffet table to ogle at the  food before her. Two seconds after the gaze, she’s feeling stuffed already!

The Deppressed Eater– They find immediate gratification in gobbling up their favorite Lechon.  They release tension and deppression through excessive eating.

The Sheila Type– She eats only beacuse it’s “necessary”. 

There. Have to go. Dinner is ready.


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