A (Supposedly)World Class Pinoy Food


It’s a  big puzzle to me why Pinoy food hasn’t really made a mark in the global culinary scene. Never in the mold of, say, cuisines of Japan, China and Thailand among others. It’s barely up there. Nor anywhere, tsk.

I would totally undersatnd if pinoy cuisine lacked the gastronomic attributes  worthy of a universal accolade. But it is not the case, really. Pinoy cuisine is exploding with succulence, character and potential. There’s got to be a way to shake up the global cuisine with the introduction of our mouth-watering adobo, kare-kare and lechon!

Sometime last year, I had the chance to visit a pinoy restaurant in New York City. The person who talked me into it raved about the food there which were  mainly adobo and pinoy barbecue as the staple ones. My palate at that time was just  pleading for pinoy dishes since it’s been weeks already last a pinoy dish landed in my intestines. I even thought to myself, good thing a coupla pinoy restos are in NYC in case some pinoys got homesick and wanted some of our local fares. Sadly, the moment I laid my eyes on their pinoy buffet, I knew right away I was not going to like what I would be tasting. True enough, I heard the music bed on my head that went “Kweng, kweng, kwwwweng!”. Food was a major letdown. The point of the matter is, if that was the kind of pinoy food we are showing the world, then we can’t expect the universe to praise our local fares.

 We scoured NYC some more for pinoy food but we saw nothing better than the previous yucky one.

Luckily back here at home, there’s come about the burgeoning of pinoy grilleries. I love it! Good food are everywhere. My personal favorite pinoy food restos include, Abe (Serendra), Recipes (Grenbelt 3), Aristocrat (Roxas Blvd), Conti’s (Serendra), Pociana’s (Timog Ave.) and my all time favorite chicken at Max’. Lately, I have been addicted to Reyes babecue. Their bbq is so tender, juicy and moderately sweet. It’s so perfect with java rice, yum-o!

We have loads of great local restos serving authentic pinoy food here. It’s just a matter of being able to have the good taste for EXCELLENT pinoy food.  

Here goes some of the photos of some pinoy dishes I have been crazy about. These are the viands I grew up knowing and loving.

Classic Beef Caldereta

Adobo Flakes

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  1. I saw your blog by accident. I was surfing for food to cook for my family. I am a new mom and wife. I am still struggling in preparing food for my family. I was used to eating out when I was single. 😦 I am wondering if you have the recipe for the Beef Caldereta and adobo flakes. I would love love to give these are try.

    • hi, ping. yes, i posted here my beef caldereta recipes and adobo flakes too. I think the adobo flakes recipe is in the archive already. thanks a lot for swinging by my page, ping.

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